About us - South Memory Restaurant
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About us

South Memory Chinese Restaurant

Just like the Celestial Chinese dragon Tianlong guards the heavenly palaces, the South Memory restaurant’s team possesses the secrets of the traditional Chinese food, assuring you of its heavenly taste.

How can we assure you of such divine taste?

It’s easy given the fact our chef has a vast amount of experience, working in 5-star restaurants in China before, assisted by the restaurant’s entire team offers professionalism when cooking the traditional Chinese dishes.

The very purpose and mission we decided to fulfill are bringing real traditional Chinese food in the Romanian Culture by offering our customers not only well-decorated dishes but also a celestial taste that is sure to leave them astonished!

Our Vision

Our diverse dishes will be seen and tasted in our first-class, high-end environment with modern style decorations Chinese Restaurant in Cluj-Napoca.

Our vision is to ascend over the cultural borders and bring Tianlong and the heavenly palaces in Romania, offering both quality and a reference point for traditional restaurants in Cluj.

International Dishes

Merging the oriental culture and traditional Chinese dishes with the riches of the Romanian Culture – the Celestial dragon Tianlong meets Zalmoxis, Dacian god – we want to offer our customers the best experience their taste buds can get, by presenting them true culinary delights.

Values like tradition and sheer love for the traditional cuisine are the foundation of our entire activity here as we think that cooking is much more than mere housework; for us, cooking is even more than art.

Authentic Ambient

Undoubtedly, the quality and freshness of the ingredients it’s a must in The South Memory restaurant’s kitchen – with such heavenly dishes, the ingredients are to be treated with extreme caution.

As the ancient Chinese cuisine has taught us, all of our recipes enjoy one secret ingredient to the fullest. This secret ingredient is sheer LOVE for traditional cuisines and cooking.